Tessa Boeing

Tessa BoeingTessa Boeing graduated with a political science and journalism degree from Butler University in 2009 and currently works at a small, non-profit medical association in Indianapolis, Indiana. A proud Midwesterner but somewhat reluctant Hoosier (yeah, it was a boyfriend), she harbors a fierce sense of loyalty and nostalgia for her native Cincinnati.

A wanna-be health nut, she recently adopted a gluten-free diet and incorporated mind-body fitness into her lifestyle. In her not-so copious free time, she enjoys soaking up historical fiction, public radio, art museums, and a good atlas. She lives with her endearingly nerdy fiancée, Zach, and their two feline roommates, Wilson and Carly, who think their larger-than-life personalities make up for the fact they’ve yet to pay a month’s rent.

Email: tessa@theliberalartist.org

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