Bob Herman

Bob HermanBob Herman is a 2009 journalism graduate of Butler University. A devout follower of Democracy Now! known for his laryngeal prominence, Bob has a sick infatuation with grammar, copy editing, rhetoric, and the English language in general. When it comes to writing, nothing is better than a good piece of non-fiction–feature story, book, or otherwise. But let’s be real: satire and dumb humor are just as good.

Other interests (in no particular order) include sports, Noam Chomsky, reading about environmental justice and climate change, Broken Bells, Three Floyds beer, the city of Chicago, and thinking about the good times.

He currently lives in Chesterton, Indiana, in the United States with his beautiful wife, Elyce, their two incredible cats, Ponyo and Zuni, and their rabbit, Spaz.


Twitter: @bherms

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