About The Liberal Artist

The Liberal Artist is a project of eight Butler University graduates who, not surprisingly, earned their undergrad degrees in the liberal arts. After close collaboration together in the university setting–through coursework, the student newspaper, and other activities–their appreciation for the basic liberal arts grew.

However, today’s environment is not particularly conducive to the liberal arts crowd. In a day and age that emphasizes business administration, short-term gains, and materials over people, humans in control of the world make it easy to think this world is an ugly and cruel place.

But it shouldn’t have to be. Earth is a beautiful place full of spectacular things and incredible opportunities. From the ability to read this phrase to the vast intricacies of a language. From the physical beauty of a sunset over the cascading Andes Mountains to the intellectual stimulation of reading Friedrich Nietzche. Music, education, logic, literature, math, politics, history, ethics, and everything in between. These are all the subjects that give us a foundation in our lives but are so easily taken for granted.

The Liberal Artist aims to highlight the liberal arts in all their glory. Because in a world that sorely lacks social, economic, and environmental justice, the liberal arts are exactly what we all need to change the world for the better and achieve those three core justices. The liberal arts are for the human in us all.

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Twitter: @TheLibArtist

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