LA Hump Day Links: June 27, 2012

We gather these Hump Day Links every week with the purpose to enlighten (even if it’s just one person) and expand the reading possibilities for our fellow readers. Every week brings a new, diverse crop of writing, and that’s the beauty of this information age. There is a plethora of good writing out there. It just takes some effort and curiosity. This week is no different. So do yourself a favor and check out the following links–or at the very least, share a different story with a friend, family member, or stranger. Enlighten and expand.

  • “Nora Ephron: The Funniest Feminist,” by Alex Leo at The Atlantic. The world lost one of the great women writers and directors of this age yesterday in Nora Ephron. Here, Alex Leo honors the queen of humor and honesty.
  • “Reading Offers Brazilian Prisoners Quicker Escape,” by Peter Murphy and Anthony Boadle at Reuters. Brazil’s prisons are too crowded, so to make room, prisoners are being offered the opportunity to get out early by reading classics and then writing about those books they’ve read. Brazil may soon have the most educated population of ex-prisoners.
  • “Want To Save Local Newspapers? Then Break The Chains That Hold Them Back,” by Robert Niles at The Online Journalism Review. Big newspaper chains like Gannett and Knight-Ridder dropped the ball in the 1990s by merely existing and not innovating. Technology such as social media and search engines are crippling the big chain movement, so what’s the solution? Re-localize the local papers, argues Robert Niles.
  • “The Journal Fires An Intern Who It Says Made Up Quotes And Sources,” by Christine Haughney at The New York Times. ICYMI: The Wall Street Journal canned Liane Membis, an intern, after only three weeks on the job after it was found she fabricate sources and quotes. Thought we were past the days of Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass? Think again. Lesson for you journo liberal artists out there: Don’t ever think you can away with crap like this. You will get burned, and deservedly so. As facilitators of information, journalists are held to high standards and should hold themselves to high standards, as well.
  • “Jaw-Dropping Pictures Of Iceland,” Paulo Gabriel at Abduzeedo. Here at The Liberal Artist, we truly appreciate the effort and artwork behind photography. These photos of Iceland will leave you speechless and daydreaming.

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