LA Hump Day Links: May 23, 2012

You love links, too? Read on:

  • “Bitter Greens Reponds to Monsanto,” by Tom Philpott at Bitter Greens Journal.  This old post with well-articulated prose (and debate skills) is enough to make a liberal artist smile anytime. Plus, this post is what kicked off Tom Philpott’s career at Mother Jones.
  • “CEOs Debate: Do the Liberal Arts Pay Off?” by Lauren Weber at Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, in our opinion, both CEOs get it wrong. The liberal arts are more than a means to an economic end, and they will not fall out of fashion like businesses that didn’t respond to the Internet. When will we learn to just appreciate the liberal arts for what they are instead of trying to slap a cost-to-benefit ratio on them?
  • “How Reliable Are the Social Sciences?” by Gary Gutting at The New York Times. Despite the headline, this is more about our propensity to taut every and any study as valuable, when doing so might not always be the best course of action.
  • “Should Google’s Search Results Be Protected by the First Amendment,” by Rebecca J. Rosen at The Atlantic. How far does “editorial judgement” stretch–can computers and algorithms have it?

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