LA Hump Day Links: April 25, 2012

Hey LA readers! Hang tight with us as we try to put together some new articles on the site! It’s very easy for us to get caught up in reading, and soon enough, more of the writing will follow. For the time being, check out these links that made us think this week:

  • “It All Turns On Affection,” by Serena Golden at Insider Higher Ed. Last month, Wendell Berry was named the 41st Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities, and his exclusive interview with Insider Higher Ed will absolutely inspire the soul of all other liberal artists out there. He’s 77 years old, and he still has it.
  • “Embracing The Humanities,” by Kimberly Tan at The Huffington Post. The 16-year-old high school student Kimberly eloquently details why and how the humanities are important and should not be overlooked in today’s emphasis of the STEM education. However, it’s important to note: Mathematics and the life sciences are still very much an integral part of a true liberal arts education.
  • “Pulitzer’s No Decision On Fiction Prize Exposes Flaw In Process,” by Maureen Corrigan at The Washington Post. ICYMI: The Pulitzer Prize board decided to not award a prize in the fiction category for an unknown reason. Two things readers can do: 1) Read this piece from Maureen Corrigan, who was one of the three Pulitzer fiction jurors who were tasked to find the most unique fiction pieces of the year. She’s deservedly upset over the Pulitzer board’s inexplicable decision to pass on the category. 2) Read the three books the jurors nominated. It’s the least we can do for the literary world.
  • “Occupy Wall Street: What Is To Be Done Next?” by Slavoj Žižek at The Guardian. OWS is about to head into the spring, and people want to know where it’s going. Well, here’s a piece of advice: Read Žižek’s article, and heed his call. He’s what we’d like to a call a badass of the liberal arts.
  • 1tday. Today, student loan debt in the United States has reached a historic level: $1 trillion. Congrats to us!

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