LA Hump Day Links: April 11, 2012

  • Nobody Says I Love You Anymore,” by Sarah Hepola at The Morning News. From Dallas to Austin to New York back to Dallas. Sarah Hepola describes our love-hate relationships with our original locales in an eloquent “how-to” guide on coming home.
  • Why The Literary Landscape Continues To Disadvantage Women,” by Ruth Franklin at The New Republic. Does the bias against women in publishing begin before or after the manuscript is written?
  • Ousted Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed On The Coup That Ousted Him And His Climate Activism,” a Q&A by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez at Democracy Now! Small in stature but big in courage, Mohamed Nasheed is one of the most interesting people you’ve never heard of. The former president of the tiny islandĀ  state of the Maldives, he has overcome beatings, intimidation, and a difficult global economy to fight for change. Watch part two of the interview for even more insight and history (preview: He started out as a journalist!).
  • Time To Get Out,” by Kirill Medvedev at n+1. Afterword, search for “Kirill Medvedev,” and you’ll be occupied for quite some time.

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