LA Hump Day Links: April 4, 2012

For this week’s “LA Hump Day Links,” we have a slightly different approach. Instead of “links,” plural, we submit one main link: SCOTUSblog. SCOTUSblog is the creation of Tom Goldstein, a Supreme Court litigation professor at Stanford and Harvard who has actually argued 24 cases in front of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has been front and center the past week on several issues, most notably the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (President Obama’s healthcare law) and jail strip searches. The Supreme Court is debating the merits of the PPACA, which requires people to purchase private health insurance or pay a penalty (among other provisions), and it recently ruled in a (partisan) 5 to 4 vote that any person arrested and held in jail temporarily can be subjected to a routine strip┬ásearch.

It is very easy to get lost within this website, which is a good thing. The Supreme Court has ruled controversially on several issues so far this century, including the 2000 presidential election and the absurd Citizens United case. Law and politics are fundamental to the liberal arts, inciting the mind to defend beliefs while balancing precedent. So while many people are hard-pressed to even name the nine Justices, lose yourself in the analysis of this blog and heighten your awareness of the recent rumblings of nine of the most powerful unelected people in this country. It’s worth it.

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