LA Hump Day Links: March 28, 2012

Just in time for deadline, we present: the Liberal Artist Hump Day Links. Enjoy.

  • “Are Privatized Public Libraries so Bad?”┬áby Amanda Erickson in The Atlantic Cities. Around the country, libraries are cutting hours or closing branches. Is privatization the answer for keeping the doors open and the lights on?
  • The Skills of Da Vinci,” by Leonardo da Vinci, in And you thought writing cover letters bad. Try being da Vinci, and still needing to write a cover letter.
  • “Colleges seek prestige by becoming universities,” by Mara Rose Williams, for McClatchy Papers. Would a university by any other name smell as sweet or bring in as many recruits? Williams looks at why so many colleges are changing their name to “University.”
  • “Kentucky’s Death March,” by Chuck Klosterman for Grantland. I’ve never been more terrified for college basketball, the beauty of March Madness, and what this could mean for collegiate athletics across the board.

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