LA Hump Day Links: Feb. 22, 2012

  • Supreme Court Wades Into Affirmative Action Issue,” by Nina Totenberg at National Public Radio: Anyone interested in higher education should be interested with this issue, especially considering skepticism that arises anytime the term “diversity” is thrown around.
  • Tired of Feeling Bad? The New Science Of Feelings Can Help, “ by Richard Davidson and Sharon Begley in Newsweek via The Daily Beast: Sharon Begley’s latest research reveals the interconnectedness between cognition and emotion, suggesting you can now (legitimately) blame science for your inability to let go of your resentment toward a not-so-close friend who didn’t invite you to her wedding five years ago.
  • Washington’s War In Yemen Backfires,” by Jeremy Scahill at The Nation: Jeremy Scahill’s unparalleled reporting in the Middle East gives us a complete primer on what is going on Yemen, why it matters, and how the post-9/11 U.S. mantra is destroying other nations.
  • LIU Announces 2011 George Polk Awards In Journalism,” from Long Island University: Any liberal artist studying journalism knows the Polk Awards represent the pinnacle of the craft. This year’s winners include Jane Mayer with The New Yorker, May Ying Welsh and Hassan Mahfood with Al Jazeera English, and (posthumously) Anthony Shadid.

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