LA Hump Day Links: Feb. 1, 2012

Every Wednesday here at The Liberal Artist, we will compile a list of must-read and generally compelling links we’ve recently stumbled upon. As always, feel free to comment, make suggestions, and give us any feedback. Without further adieu, here’s our first round of “LA Hump Day Links.”

  • National Public Rodeo,” by David Margolick at Vanity Fair: To say 2011 was a tumultuous year for NPR might be an understatement.
  • ‘Gainful’ Comes To The Nonprofits,” by Libby Nelson at Inside Higher Ed: Consider how President Obama’s higher education platform puts the liberal arts in the dialogue with things like “cost” and “productivity.”
  • Universities Abandon Western Civilization,” by Tait Trussell at Front Page Mag: Part of having a well-rounded perspective is finding and reading things that challenge your beliefs. This piece is sure to incite opposition, especially from liberal artists. If only we could hear a rebuttal from Howard Zinn on this one.
  • Check With Climate Scientists For Views On Climate Change,” by 38 climatologists in the Wall Street Journal via Brad Johnson at Think Progress: What happens when 16 climate deniers with no credible climate science credentials hijack the op-ed page of a newspaper? Well, it leads to well-reasoned retorts.

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